I have a friend who had a dangerous job. He had to train all of the time. When he was not actually out in the field, he was training. He is a very tough guy too. He would just as soon let you break a bone of his than to relent in training scenarios. Then he got a spine injury that left him hardly able to take the pain to stand. I do not know how many surgeries he had, but they did not work. When I hurt my upper back, I decided on trying a Chicago acupuncture expert instead of opting for surgery as my first option.

Sure, they said they could poke around in there and see if they could fix me. There were no guarantees, though. And when I read the medical waivers, I learned that the odds of success were not all that high. Here is how it is: a regular doctor is likely going to tell you to try medications for relief. If a surgeon can find something to cut, he will recommend having surgery. A physical therapist will recommend some exercises to help with the pain. A chiropractor will recommend various manipulations. Continue reading

attract the right people

The sick man answered Him, “Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up; but while I am coming, another steps down before me.

There is a universal concern that can be found on the lips of men in many nations. You can hear things like “If I had adequate help I would have suceeded”, “In this country you can’t get things done without knowing someone”, “It is who you know that makes you rich, i need someone”, “They were able to defeat me because they have people in high places”. The list goes on.

The man Jesus healed at the pool had been in the same predicament for 38 years. He said he had no man to help him. Many people are so focused on knowing the “right people” and getting the “right connections” that they do not see that Jesus is the only person they need to know. The creator of the universe created all men so the man who has an intimate relationship with Jesus will not need to court the favor of others. When the man at the pool met Jesus, he no longer needed to get into the water for healing. When Jesus showed up, the healing showed up. Instead of getting into the pool, the water came to the man in the form of our saviour Jesus Christ.

Whether in business or in your personal life, instead of looking for people to help you, look for Jesus in the Word. Get to know Him well and everything you need will come. Men are attracted to a man who has Jesus on his side.

Now a certain man was there who had an infirmity thirty-eight years. When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he already had been in that condition a long time, He said to him, “Do you want to be made well?”The sick man answered Him, “Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up; but while I am coming, another steps down before me.”

Jesus said to him, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.” And immediately the man was made well, took up his bed, and walked.

Let me tell you about three people I have spoken to recently. Richard works in transportation and takes classes at night towards a degree. Yaw has a job with some expats with interests in real estate. Esi freelances while she tried to get a job in any industry that will take her. All three of our characters are under 36, hate their jobs and these are not their real names. Richard and yaw live in Accra. Esi lives in NYC.
Richard is not sure why he is getting a degree.
Esi would like to move back home.
Yaw thinks Ghana is the problem.
They are all looking for a better job and yet starting a business is something in their sights as well but fear is stopping them.

After probing them I found out that Richard knows very little about starting his own business, Esi is hoping for things to get better and Yaw thinks the right connections are all he is lacking at the moment. None of them have written down their goals or decided on a time frame for achieving those goals. They say they have goals but from my perspective, the lack of action and urgency tells me that it’s just good intentions. They answered No to the following questions;
Do you know the top 3 successful people in the field in which you want to start a business?
Have you read any books on these topics?
Do you know the exact amount it would take to start these businesses on a scale and how much revenue to expect?
Do you know how much you spend on credits for your phone every month?(Esi was the only one who knew this)
Have you spent at least an hour thinking and writing down your plans for the rest of the year?(Richard comically replied by saying “thinking is not easy. Lol”)

When I asked what their financial goals were I also realized that they had such low standards. They want enough to live comfortably. When I suggested that they set higher goals so that they can build churches, schools and employ/provide for millions of people, they grew silent.

Africa needs young people who are willing to make their brains sweat as E.W Kenyon puts it. Young people with higher goals than a comfortable job with perks. People who will think of ways to solve problems and actually do something not just write a Facebook post or tweet about it. As you spend time reading the Word of God, your mind will be filled with ideas, concepts, insights and the ability to achieve whatever you set out to do. Africa is going to be changed by people who will listen to God and determine to make an impact. A couple million dollars can get stuff done but global influence can do more.


1. Being myopic to opportunity
2. Looking down on opportunities
3. Lacking understanding
4. Failing to act quickly enough

had been the general manager for the world’s most famous multinational IT groups’ Chinese branches (Microsoft 1985-1998; IBM 1998-1999). She is also China’s first successful international corporate executive to join the executive team of a domestic private firm. Wu was seen as a symbol of the new generation of business executives that China has produced in its economic reform and opening-up.

When Wu started off in a big company working from the lowest ranks, her daily job was to pour tea and sweep floors. Once, because she forgot her staff pass, the company’s guard stopped her at the door and denied her entry. She explained to the guard that she was indeed one of the company’s employees, and that she had merely left the building for a short while to purchase office supplies.

Despite her pleas, the guard still did not allow to enter. As she stood at the gate, she watched as those of similar age to her, but smartly dressed in business attire walking through without having to show their passes.

She asked the guard, “Why are these people allowed through without producing a pass?” The guard dismissed her coldly nonetheless.

That was the turning point for Wu – she felt great shame, her self-esteem trampled on.

She looked at herself, dressed in shabby clothes and pushing a dirty push cart. Looking back at those dressed in smart attire, her heart felt a deep ache from the sudden realization of the sorrow and grief from being discriminated. From that moment, she vowed never to allow herself to be shamed like this again, and to become world-famous.

Since then, she used every opportunity to enrich herself. Every day, she was the first to arrive at work, and the last one to leave. She made every second count, spending her time learning the ropes. Her efforts soon paid off; she was made a sales representative, and quickly progressed to being the regional general manager of this multinational company in China. Wu did not possess strong academic qualifications, and was revered as the ‘Queen of Part-timers’. Subsequently, she assumed the position of GM of IBM China. This is the Wu Shihong, the heroine in China’s business circle.

About Jack Ma: Jack Ma is a Chinese Internet entrepreneur. He is the Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, a family of highly successful Internet-based businesses. He is also the first mainland Chinese entrepreneur to appear on the cover of Forbes Magazine and ranks as one of the world’s billionaires.Ma was named the Financial Times’ 2013 Person of the Year because he personifies the Chinese internet, referring to him as the “godfather of China’s scrappy entrepreneurial spirit.”.

Read more here http://vulcanpost.com/7702/jack-ma-youre-still-poor-35-deserve/


Like many people I read the Bible for many years as just a spiritual book(and many times as a religious book) for my spiritual life not realizing that it has the answers for every area of life. The Bibles teaches us to what to do in business, how to think, what to think about, how to raise a family, how to invest our resources, what to look for when hiring employees and so on. A few days ago I overheard someone on TV giving very sound management and financial advice I turned to look and realized it was an African preacher from the largest Church in western Europe. It dawned on me that I had never really thought of this man as a management expert. If a managment consultant or successful technology entrepreneur had been giving the same advice I’m sure more people would have tuned in.

It is funny how every good business, productivity and self help book has paraphrased the Bible. The more of the Bible I study the less useful those books have become to me. Joseph was providing seed capital and taking 20% equity thousands of years before we even knew what securities were.

When you read the Bible as a religious book, you miss all the relevant parts.

Jesus, when he walked on this earth as a man had such financial dominion that he had a personal treasurer. When He was faced with feeding 5000 men He was not worried about where to get money to feed them. He asked Philip “where can we find food to buy?”. He did not ask Philip if they had enough money. He was able to feed over 5000 men, women and children without going to a store, cooking or opening a kitchen. Which carnal man can boast such a feat? Another interesting fact about that miracle was that Philip suggested that it would take about half a years salary to feed all those people. This means Jesus was also liquid enough and had that much cash on Him to make this purchase if necessary. Whatever your salary is today, do you have half of it in cash to be able to feed over 5000 people? This is what financial dominion is. Stocks, bonds and the financial instruments of today are really just low forms of value. Until you can pay taxes for another person by having a fish cough up gold, you are still operating at a low level of finance.

What other business lessons have you seen in the Bible?


Your relationships in life either make or break you. They never leave you neutral.-David Oyedepo

He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭13‬:‭20‬ KJV)
A friend is not someone who you have known for a long time. The only people who you should call friends and mates are those who are going in the same direction as you are(assuming you know where you are supposed to be). Many people have people who they call friends but they can never agree on anything. Why would you sit in a car with someone who is not heading in the same destination as you are? We are not talking about people who disagree with you because it is possible to be wrong. We are talking about wrong associations.
You came into this world alone and you will leave alone. God has a specific plan for your life that you are responsible for. There are people who specialize in killing your dreams and only a fool calls such people friends. Having the wrong associations will either lead you in the wrong direction or slow down your progress in life. A person who mocks your destiny is not a friend even if you are blood related you need to be careful who you give attention to.
A friend is someone who has a vision that complements yours. It does not matter how old, young or wealthy the person is. What is important is if you are heading in the same direction. Friendship is a choice.


When jesus was faced with feeding over 5000 people, his question was “where do we get food to buy?”. A poor person would have asked “where will we get the money?”. This was an unforeseen expense and clearly not budgeted for. Jesus asked where do we get food to buy because he was liquid(wealthy) enough to pay for food for all those people without it affecting his finances. He had a personal treasurer called judas and Philip said it would cost more than half a years salary to feed all those people.
Jesus was and is rich and His example of feeding over 5000 people is ours to emulate. He wasn’t just going around healing people without taking care of their physical needs. A wealthy man is someone who not only has cash but can get whatever He wants with or without legal tender.
I find that those who contest that Christians should study what the bible says about prosperity are usually those who do not have even 5% of their income set aside to be a blessing to others. We are here not just to take care of ourselves but to be a blessing to others. 
A prosperous believer is one who can take care of both the spiritual and material needs of others. Find someone who has less than you do in one thing or the other and do like Jesus did.

A good product makes the user justify it’s use.

I’m using Facebook because I want my network to see the scriptures, insights and interesting links I find online.

I’m on Twitter because it’s the simplest way for me to find out news without reading the paper. I just follow people I suspect will share the news I want to know about .

I’m on Instagram because I get to see what’s going on in the lives of my friends in almost real-time.

I use an Ipad because I write a lot and apps almost always feel better to me on an ios device.

Give your users or customers reasons to justify their use of your product. Not everyone will use it the same way but for people to use a product or attend an event, they have to justify it to themselves. This is one reason some companies, associations and political parties struggle so much to recruit employees and fans. The potential fans need a reason they can justify even if it’s a bad one. A good product makes the user justify it’s use.

I really needed to make some money and it seemed obvious enough that I should look for something on campus to try to avoid scheduling complications. I was thinking that maybe I would be able to get a job in the student book shop or working in the cafeteria. I was hoping for the book shop job obviously, but what I found was a job with the drama department. The first thing I had to do was to find some red curly hair extensions. Continue reading

Ci-dessus, une belle tranche d’Olivier !!
(A noter que n’utilise que des oliviers déjà coupés ou morts)
Le bois reste la matière la plus écologique pour fabriquer un stylo.Vous trouverez dans ces pages de nombreux modèles, à regarder, à acheter, faites un cadeau à un amis ou parents, ils ne seront jamais déçus par un magnifique stylo en bois tourné !
Les stylos sont tournés “main” d’une manière tout à fait artisanale, nombres de mes stylos sont en bois d’olivier, souvent coupés dans la racine de l’arbre. la nervure de ce bois est magnifique, la tenue dans le temps est exeptionnelle, le mécanisme “quart tournant” pour ouvrir et fermer le stylo bille est très fiable. Tout ceci me permet de garantir mes stylos !
Sur ce site, Vous pourrez également voir l’atelier, et visiter en photos, la cité médiévale de SAUVE ou je suis installé.

Organisation des stages

Les stages sont individuels et organisés en fonction de votre niveau.
Il est toutefois possible de venir en couple. ou bien à deux amis(es)

Le bois et l’outillage sont fournis, mais si vous avez déjà vos propres outils, venez travailler avec.

Les stages peuvent être fixés à n’importe quel moment de l’année, sur rendez-vous pris suffisamment tôt.

La date des stages n’est arrêtée définitivement qu’après le règlement d’un acompte d’un montant minimum de 30% du montant du coût total du stage.

Voir le programme indicatif


En principe de 08H.30 à 12H.00 (pause café ou thé vers 10H.) et de 13H.30 à 17H.30 (Pause café ou thé ou raffraissement vers 16H.)
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Il y a de nombreuses possibilités d’hébergement à SAUVE. (une association héberge avec petit déjeuner, demi pension à un prix très raisonnable) mais il y a égalemnet hotels, gîtes municipaux, chambres d’hôtes, camping et tout simplement une tente sur la pelouse au pied de l’atelier!! (conseillé de juin à septembre)

Pour les réservations d’hébergement, (sur votre demande), nous pouvons nous en occuper. (En période de vacances scolaires prévoir assez tôt)

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